WHISKEY TANGO FIREARMS is partnering with SUNCOAST DEFENSE CONSULTING Inc. and GREY HARBOR DEFENSE GROUP to bring you the finest in firearms training

We offer a variety of courses and clinics to fit the needs of everyone from the brand new shooter to the experienced gunner.


Class is limited to 4-6 people with 2 instructors.

This is not your cheap quickie class where students fire 1 round after a 2 hour lecture.

We spend 6 hours in the classroom covering the basics (how to safely operate firearms), responsibility and liability (application of Florida laws and interacting with law enforcement) and dry practice (training without firing the gun). Then we go to the range and our students are required to fire a minimum of 50 rounds with the instructor.

This class is great for brand new shooters (you aren’t required to even own a gun) but even experienced shooters who take this class will find a lot of good information to build their skills with. Class tuition includes all range fees, ammunition, gun use, and lunch. Of course, you can also bring your own gun.


These are shooting courses with no classroom time. 

We are at the range the whole time instructing in techniques and form for a wide array of shooting styles and situations.  Previous gun handling experience and equipment is required for these classes.


Clinics are designed to give you information based on the previous experiences of qualified shooters and professionals in the gun world.  We cover topics like pistol gear setup (concealed and range), go-bag set up, night vision, rifle gear and many more.

While these clinics will be offered free of charge, reservations will be required.


While not free, these classes complement the shooting sports. 

This ranges from medical to hunting related courses.  For example “Stop the Bleed” which is medical instruction on dealing with bullet wound and trauma teaching how to address the critical fist minutes of an extreme emergency.

For more information on any courses please contact us.
See our scheduled courses page to see what we have for upcoming events.